What is a Citation | Context Document?

What is a Citation | Context Document? somebody

When you enter a question and receive a response, you will see a list of numbered links:


These link to the documents or document excerpts whose text the AI has used to answer your question.  These are called the  the "citations" or "context documents".  "Citation" because they "cite" the actual reference documents used in your query.  "Context" because they provide the context the AI needs to answer your question.

You will see that the AI sometimes refers to "Context Document #" in it's response.  This is the number you will see listed before the title of the document.

We suggest that you always verify the answer you receive from the AI by referencing the listed links.  The AI has been trained to only use the listed documents, and your question, as context for it's answers.  It is prohibited from using any other information.  

Furthermore, the title of the document may not always reveal it's source,  You sometimes have to click on the citation in order to see it's full context, i.e.:

citations - click link

You will always see the full context of the citation | context document by examining the "Breadcrumbs" listed at the top of the document (highlighted above).

So, in the above case, Context Document #1: 945.5 is sourced from: